On June 20 Commercial UAV Expo Europe will open its doors to the public for the first time. This important event will take place in Brussels, Belgium and will feature about 50 exhibitors that have registered to showcase their products and services.

One of these exhibitors is the Belgium Company ALX Systems, which will announce the release of two products that are set to have a great impact on drone safety and security.

ALX Systems has developed an operating system that turns UAV flights into completely automated mission-focused tasks and allows the remote pilot to be replaced by a mission specialist whose sole task is to perform a job, not to fly the drone. This revolutionary operating system is cloud controlled through ultra secure cellular communications, allowing swarming and remote control from anywhere in the world. It also provides a software developing kit (SDK) to allow the development of new and more specialized applications by users, providing business-focus to complex UAV tasks.

This new approach to commercial uses for UAVs will be introduced at EXPO UAV Europe in just a few days together with two very specific applications developed by ALX Systems on top of their new operating system.

ALX Spartiath :

This application is focused on drone interception, meaning that the agency conducting the surveillance will have specialized radars monitoring an area and when an unauthorized UAV is detected the system automatically deploys a strategically located drone to give chase. The intercepting drone has been tested to fly at speeds of over 120 MPH and capture the bad actor with a net and through other means which at this time are classified.

This new application has a target audience in governmental departments, the military, law enforcement and security companies, enabling the automation of securing sensible sites and events against terrorist drones.

ALX Sentinel :

This application has a different approach to the monitoring and protection of a defined area. Several drones are assigned to the constant surveillance of said area following a pre-established strategy which is coordinated by the central system and applied to all remotely controlled UAV simultaneously to ensure permanent coverage.

The system is also equipped with a series of safety relays to deploy stand-by drones in case one of the active vehicles shows signs of malfunction or tampering by third parties. This capability ensures permanent coverage with a minimum number of independent units and the continuous surveillance of the define space in the defined strategy 24/7.

IP Cameras can be included to send video stream to ALX Systems proprietary video analysis system, to allow smart detection of humans, vehicles or movement, triggering the deployment of a specialized UAV to the area where the detection occurred and launching a decision algorithm to identify, track and potentially intercept.

Smart phone apps and GPS trackers can be used by security officers to include their position in the situational awareness control and potentially offer them automatic support of drones, adding to the safety of the overall system.

This product has received a lot of attention from officials in charge of restricted areas such as airports, military bases and installations, nuclear plants and many other defined area sites.

On the civilian front ALX Systems is promoting their new operating system to completely automate the flying portion of a mission, such as pipeline inspection, and allow the technician in charge of the monitoring to focus on the task of evaluating the data in real time, as opposed to be flying the drone.

ALX Systems is confident that Commercial UAV Expo Europe will be the right forum to introduce these new products to the market and allow demos and more in-depth examination of their technology.