Following up the LiveNDVI Video announcement, Sentera just released a new tool for precision agriculture: the NDVI Toolbox for AgVault.

Sentera seems to be working hard on developing better NDVI platforms for precision agriculture. Early January, we covered the announcement of its new Double 4K sensor that streams real-time NDVI video directly to your mobile device. Now, the new NDVI Toolbox, working as an internal tool of Sentera’s AgVault, an image and data management platform used to handle all aerial color, NIR and NDVI data, provides agronomists with a better insight into plantation health.

As opposed to a standard NDVI system, where a healthy crop is defined with a green color, the NDVI Toolbox allows you to zoom in an NDVI image and assign a wide variation of colors to a specific area, or plant. This way, even the smallest detail can be easily distinguished and detected between flights. Better yet, Sentera’s director of product management Reid Plumbo said the system becomes more robust, offering more accurate data every time a flight is performed.

Sentera’s Executive Vice President Greg Emerick said: "Until now, you needed to choose between viewing data tailored for NDVI progression over time, or tailored for NDVI contrast around a single flight – but, you couldn't do both. We changed that. Now, growers and agronomists have that flexibility. They are more in control of their operations, and can make even better decisions, even faster."

AgVault's NDVI Toolbox features two viewing options. One that monitors and compares a field over time, called Day to Day. The other one is Acre to Acre, which determines the overall vigor of a field.

Plumbo added: "Our customers have been asking for this exact solution, and we're honored to have brought this answer to the precision ag industry.”

The NDVI Toolbox is now included in every AgVault Pro and Viewer licenses.