Drone management platform provider FlyFreely has joined as an industry partner with the newly established Advanced Air Mobility Cooperative Research Centre (AAM CRC) in a bid to advance Australia’s rapidly growing aerospace sector.

The AAM CRC is bringing researchers, airlines, airports, operators, aviation services, regulators, developers and policymakers together to solve challenges related to human transport and large cargo operations where no pilot is onboard. 

Over the next decade, it will look to support timely, long-term advancements in air vehicles, air operation and ground operations.

FlyFreely founder and CEO Dr David Cole said it was critical for the industry to work together. “Aerospace transport and travel in all its forms is an emerging area that’s coming faster than anyone has anticipated,” he said.

“By bringing stakeholders together in the one place, the AAM CRC will enhance collaboration and foster better research and testing on these new concepts.”

Dr Cole said the AAM CRC would give platforms like FlyFreely the opportunity to work directly with the companies that are building aircraft, like air taxis, and supporting infrastructure such as air traffic control and ground operations.

“Advanced Air Mobility operations will require the orchestration of many systems working together before, during and after the flight” he said.

“By working together we can ensure the FlyFreely platform has the required functionality to play its part in these operations to keep both passengers and our skies safe.”

The AAM CRC is currently looking to secure Australian Government funding through the CRC grant program, in the hopes of building on the momentum and continuing to advance the sector.

Source: Press Release