Honeywell, the Fortune 100 software-industrial company that delivers specific solutions for many different industries, wants to help infrastructure industries grow with a new drone service created in collaboration with Intel. That desire has led to the creation of the Honeywell InView inspection service.

This Honeywell InView inspection service comes to life by combining Honeywell’s extensive knowledge across vertical segments such as utilities, aerospace, connected building management, as well as oil and gas technologies, and Intel’s Falcon 8+ UAV system. This collaboration doesn’t come as a surprise, as we’ve recently covered how Intel wants to invest in the drone industry, and both companies have worked together in the past to create a Connected Freight platform.

The focus here is to provide standardized, safer and more efficient inspections while collecting better insights than before. The Honeywell InView inspection service package includes the components of the Falcon 8+ UAV, the pilot app, as well as a customizable web portal.

The Intel Falcon 8+ System, an advanced drone with full electronic system redundancy, is outfitted for industrial inspection, surveying and mapping geared toward professionals and experts. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Through the portal, customers can organize and create standards around routine and crisis-response inspections. For example, the service allows the creation of routine inspections of transmission and distribution systems that generate data which is then stored, and accessible from in the office and out in the field on demand.

“Through our extensive industrial experience, our customers will also gain access to Honeywell’s customized software and data solutions that will help them log, analyze, and eventually predict or prevent outages and structural failures, while protecting the men and women called upon to complete these crucial but high-risk jobs”, said Carl Esposito, President, Electronic Solutions, Honeywell Aerospace.

Safety and cost-reduction are important aspects when delivering a drone service, and Honeywell promises to do just that.

By using Honeywell’s InView inspection service, utility companies can send a UAV to perform routine inspections of substations, transmission towers and power lines while, which is a safer and more cost-effective method than existing ones, such as using helicopters, cherry pickers, ladders and walking inspections.

“Technology, along with the Internet of Things, is enabling utilities around the world to modernize the management of their energy grids,” said Nitin S. Kulkarni, president, Smart Energy, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies. “Honeywell brings together the technology that allows utilities to transform how energy is consumed in homes and buildings with software-based systems that help safely and efficiently manage complex industrial facilities and utility grids,”

If you’re curious about Honeywell’s new service, you can now request a demo.