To push the industry toward a faster adoption of advanced UAS operations, GE Aviation’s AiRXOS recently announced a new solution to enable comprehensive operational oversight for safe and scalable commercial UAS operations in the energy industry.

Primarily designed for Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, and Transmission & Distribution, AiRXOS’ new Enterprise Energy Solution provides digital compliance, full situational awareness of airspace and assets, inspection, emergency response/disaster recovery capabilities, analytics, and asset performance tools all in one, connected platform. From enterprise-wide infrastructure inspection and surveillance to asset and crew management, this new solution reduces inconsistencies, costs, and safety risks from traditional methods, such as manned helicopters, or personnel on the ground.

“Infrastructure inspections with traditional manned aircraft are dangerous, inefficient, and expensive,” said Mark Lanphear, AiRXOS’ Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development. “To achieve scale, they need a centralized and standardized view of all operations, manned, and unmanned. It’s why we developed the Enterprise Energy Solution – to deliver energy organizations a truly comprehensive platform that brings all UAS lifecycle operations into one view, all on one platform.” 

Powered by AiRXOS’ Air Mobility Platform, the Enterprise Energy Solution offers a secure, unified view of operations that manages the volume, density, and variety of unmanned traffic data. Built on an FAA compliant, cyber-secure architecture, the Air Mobility Platform supports near real-time data processing, data-driven analytics, flight planning operations, advanced operation applications like Beyond Visual Line of Sight, LAANC integration, FAA approval services, and provides federation for device and service management, data acquisition, exposure to applications, and agnostic support for applications. 

In addition, with automated and digitized waivers, exemptions, and Certificates of Authorization (COAs), AiRXOS’ solution eliminates the requirement of submitting manual entries or complete submissions in multiple formats. Also, the solution features an integrated video distribution system certified on AT&T’s FirstNet, providing a streaming solution to operate during catastrophic events and recovery. 

To track and manage Part 107 licenses and expiration dates, flight hours, mission planning, or track audit logs, drones, crews, and operations management records, the Enterprise solution offers various reporting tools, providing full accountability and transparency across teams. 

Furthermore, AiRXOS’ Partner Ecosystem offers ease of adoption of advanced Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operations, enabling a faster time to market through the company’s network of partners and collaborative organizations. With this, companies have access to the ‘mission-ready drone toolkit’ that features advanced drones and sensors, and professionally qualified pilots in one turn-key service. Additionally, AiRXOS’ analytics and insights partners help to optimize operations and budget using advanced analytics on the data collected via UAS operations.

“Advanced UA operations are the next generation of UA inspections,” wrote Courtney Albers, Director of Product Management, Enterprise Solutions. “While UAs are already delivering quality and quantity benefits, true optimization comes in the form of Advanced Operations – Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), One-to-Many, Flight over Non-Participants, and Night Operations. These Advanced Operations give UA inspection programs new functionality, capabilities, and the freedom to expand inspections.”