One of the ways in which the UAV industry is expected to disrupt the everyday lives of people around the world is with the increased availability of drone delivery systems, and progress is quickly being made on that front. One such example, which was on display at the Commercial UAV Expo 2022 in Las Vegas, was with a new partnership between Strix and Spright. Strix, an Israeli-based company that had previously manufactured drone docking stations, recently introduced their newest product, the DroneDrop, and they've partnered with Spright to create the first worldwide delivery system.

Maoz Klein, the Chief Technology Officer at Strix, was kind enough to demonstrate the impressive technology for the DroneDrop system, which was on display for all at the expo to see at Spright's booth, number 219 on the floor. 

The key for this system is the fact that it is universal for all types of drones and packages. This is a big barrier for the future of drone delivery services, as the ability to allow all different kinds of drones to deliver and pick up packages from the same drop center.

The DroneDrop station allows for all kinds of drones - including eVTOL, with the top platform spinning to provide optimum wind direction - to either land and deliver the package, or even hover over and drop onto the landing, after which the package will be centered on the top of the DroneDrop and sent down.

Once a package is delivered, the recipient of the package will be notified via a mobile app, which will have a display of the station with a light indicating which slot their package can be picked up from. Once the user is within range, they can then go into the app and unlock the slot to take their package with them on their way. 

In addition to receiving packages, users can also send packages out of the station in a similar fashion. Using the app to indicate they are ready to ship out a package, the shipper can simply insert the package into the slot before it is lifted up to the top level via an elevator system where it can be picked up by the drone. On top of that, the DroneDrop also features a universal charger for any drone to remain after a delivery to charge back up. 

Right now, Strix and Spright partnership is being used for delivering medical supplies, but this is the kind of technology that is key for making drone delivery systems commonplace around the world.