FlyingBasket’s FB3 heavy-lift cargo drone is now available for transportation operations. The first heavy cargo drone available commercially in Europe with a 100kg payload capacity, the vehicle was designed to streamline the movement of heavy equipment and allow drone operators to expand their service offerings.

According to Moritz Moroder, CEO of FlyingBasket, “the FB3’s commercial availability is another milestone in the roadmap of FlyingBasket, who continuously commit to innovation, safety, and excellence within the drone industry. It represents a significant leap forward in cargo transportation possibilities. We are excited about the potential it holds for various industries.” 

The FB3 offers two ways of transporting cargo: a box compartment for package delivery and a sling rope option that allows for the transport of any cargo, regardless of its volume. The vehicle can fly in urban environments and lift loads to the top of a building. It can also transport a load for more than 10km. 

To create the FB3, FlyingBasket drew on its seven years of success in the design and manufacture of commercial drones. Before introducing the vehicle to the marketplace, FlyingBasket conducted extensive testing in a wide range of environments, including forests, wind parks, and urban settings. Through these tests, FlyingBasket was able to demonstrate the FB3’s outstanding heavy cargo transport and lifting capability. 

Also, the company worked closely with customers across various industries before introducing the FB3. Through these collaborations, FlyingBasket was able to develop a drone that met the needs of a wide range of operators. Working together, FlyingBasket’s clients were also able to tailor the aircraft’s capabilities to meet specific operational needs.

Moreover, FlyingBasket has long been a leader in the European drone industry, and the company’s work with regulators has helped to shape the current European regulations and adapt heavy lift UAV operations and procedures to meet the highest safety standards—standards it has applied to the FB3. Over the years, the company has pioneered several heavy cargo drone operations in European cities, as well as rural areas, demonstrating the viability of heavy lift cargo drones for drone operators. 

The new FB3 is covered under the specific category of European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). With this approval, any pilot or drone operator that has a certificate under this category will be able add these cargo drones to their current service portfolio.

Moritz believes that the FB3’s impressive heavy lift capabilities, its adaptability to various commercial applications, and its compliance with critical safety regulations will make it an ideal choice for drone operators. “This is a very exciting time to be a drone pilot as this marks a new era in the drone industry,” he said.