Eurolink Systems is launching the first member of a hybrid family of UAV products, entering the US market with the Beluga™ drone, built with an ecosystem, multi-role, multi-mission approach.

Beluga™ Drone is the result of three years of research and testing by Eurolink Systems, an Italian company operating in the Embedded Electronics segment for Defense and Aerospace market, since 1994 and extending its core business to the Drone and Robotics market in 2009.

Beluga™ is focused on setting standards with its promise to be one of the most configurable and composable UAVs available within the market segments that it serves.

It is classified as a Nano Mini Drone that can fly fast with max speed up to 69 mph, for 60 minutes with 33 lbs. payload.

Beluga™ Drone is designed to satisfy a high complexity range of dual-use applications: from civil to military. From mission-critical operations to commercial use, which includes blood, plasma and medicine urgent transportation, 3-D mapping, Search and Rescue, Surveillance, precision farming and last mile delivery to name a few.

The Beluga™ drone can be equipped with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Processor Unit on board, which extends its applications range and diversity.

Different payloads, gimbals and sensor suites fit well on Beluga™ - going from Cargo Bay (2.5 lt or 14 lt optional), Lidar; Daylight/IR; Multispectral; Hyperspectral; RF Catcher; Gas/NBCR Detector to different EO and EO/IR options. This reinforces the platform’s range of capabilities and configurability depending on the target, end-use application.

The datalink range is variable depending on the configuration – from 12 to 24 miles RLOS, operating on 2.402 - 2.478 GHz frequencies - or this can be customized.

Beluga™ Drone supports 4G/5G and Satellite communications.

The on-board equipment provides a certified GPS/SBAS, Tested to DO-160G, TSO-C145e, DO-178C, DO-254 Level C and MAVLink to NMEA protocols.

Beluga™ is designed to fly in harsh weather conditions, from -25°C to +55° operating temperature range and can be set for an IP67-compliant configuration. Plus, it’s designed to meet 24 mps wind resistance.

There are several characteristics to mention in the Beluga™ design: its shape was inspired by the Beluga™ mammal, world famous for its heavy weight, although capable of swimming in sinuous movements. This BIO-inspired drone design process allows the UAV to fly with the maximum aerodynamic and hydrodynamic peak performance to deliver the best SWAP-C value.

The collaboration between the Eurolink Systems team and distinguished Italian University -UniCusano led to the development of custom blades/propellers, which are bio-inspired by a nocturnal owl, able to fly silent by its unique plumage. This reduces noise impact by over 5db in the audible cone of irradiation top/down and allows Beluga™ to highlight a “Silent Drone” capability, which is critical to specific target applications.

Pietro Lapiana – President and Founder of EuroLink Systems indicated “Beluga is a culmination of EuroLink’s decades of technology innovation and experience, which has now been implanted into the Beluga™ family of mini-drones. Given our experience within the European market – it is now time to extend our influence and build our position and business base in the US Market with the help of Strategic Partners.”

Performance Marketing Group (PMGResults), a high-powered, Market Program specialist is assisting EuroLInk with the overall campaign – which includes Vertical Industry/Target Segment Development, Product Launch/Introduction, Target Account/Opportunity Development, Social Media Coverage, Publication/Media Coverage and Channel Partner/Strategic Alliance Development.

Beluga™ will make its US-debut at the AUVSI Xponential 2022 event in Orlando Florida – 25th – 28th  April @ booth 2146, which was selected as a centerpiece for the US launch.

About EuroLink
EuroLink Systems is an e-solutions leader specializing in distribution, support and added-value services for hardware, software, and data management products. The company’s product mix includes embedded systems, rugged servers, storage devices, peripherals, networking/communications, data acquisition, single-board computers, analog/digital/serial I/O boards, radio frequency/microwave and other product families. These combined technologies serve as a baseline to support the Beluga platform. EuroLink’s experience revolves around the Industrial, Military, Transportation and Scientific Research markets.

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