No longer will you have to consider the price associated with drone analytics software as a barrier to entry. PrecisionHawk’s software to fly, review, process and analyze drone data, PrecisionMapper, is now available for free.

Effectively using mapping and analytics software is a critical consideration when it comes to creating efficiencies with UAVs. However, there are numerous and expensive options that operators need to consider in order to enable those efficiencies, and that can be a costly and onerous process. That’s just part of the reason why PrecisionHawk’s decision to create a free membership plan for its software has awed by the industry.

Founded in 2010, PrecisionHawk is a drone manufacturer and a software developer for aerial data analysis (PrecisionMapper) and drone safety systems (LATAS). In February, we interviewed the recently appointed CEO Michael Chasen, where we discussed his new role and the future of PrecisionHawk. Now, as a means to help the drone industry grow, Michael thinks everyone should be able to buy a drone and generate business insights right away for free. This is why PrecisionHawk has taken this step and announced the news at XPONENTIAL.

“We believe that this move allows more innovation from more people. PrecisionHawk has gained a lot from the advanced thinking of this community, and this is our way of giving back,” Michael said. “When professionals have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with PrecisionMapper, they will be able to better understand the power of aerial data and how it can be best incorporated into their existing businesses.”

PrecisionMapper allows processing of aerial data into 2D or 3D products and features a continuously expanding library of on-demand analysis tools, and makes sharing or collaborating with others easy. The paid membership plans still exist, with the addition of the new free membership plan. This plan provides basic access that includes 5 cloud-based 2D/3D maps per month, the addition of ground control points and access to free analysis tools for construction, agriculture, insurance, and energy, although it also includes some limitations.

Regardless of how people have or plan to use PrecisionMapper, this development is one that will undoubtedly allow many more people to see how this tool can help them, which will go a long way toward creating and cultivating new opportunities.