Today Aerotenna (, a Lawrence, KS, based company announced the release of two new products: the world smallest, and cost effective, collision avoidance radar for UAVs, appropriately named µSharp (pronounced micro sharp) and the OcPoC Mini SoC Flight Controller for real time sensor integration.

µSharp offers advanced target detection and recognition algorithms in a platform that weighs only 30 grams and consumes 1.5 watts. It can be mounted on any UAV platform and provides high accuracy radar avoidance services up to 200 meters in any weather and lightning conditions.

2The OcPoC is an Intel-based or Xilinx-based Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) flight controller which allows up to 100 I/Os for sensor integration. The OcPoC enables sensor fusion with onboard real time processing for any UAV platform. OcPoC is an open source hardware and software platform that also offers enhanced GPS and IMU sensor packages.

These two products were announced today with a target delivery to UAV manufacturers in late November making greater sensor flexibility and operational safety more affordable.