Across the construction and facilities management industries, drones are monitoring projects, performing crucial inspection and maintenance work, and taking on dangerous tasks that were previously assigned to valuable personnel.

To help construction and facilities management firms get all they can from uncrewed systems, Commercial UAV Expo 2024 is offering a number of sessions that explore the ways drones and UAS are transforming construction and facility management practices. Sessions will discuss the latest developments and innovations that are shaping the industry w

hile providing valuable insights and actionable information that can help you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving drone industry.

Here's a look at a few of the sessions we've put together for this year's event:

Understanding and Embracing Drone Workflows in Construction

This panel will dissect the regulatory hurdles, technological limitations, and cost considerations that often impede widespread adoption of drones in the construction industry. In addition, the discussion will delve into how ROI can be demonstrated for integrating drones into construction processes.

Honing in on Accuracy in Drone-Based Measurements

This session will take up the question of accuracy in drone workflows, including what type of accuracy is needed for which type of job, how to identify when accuracy is good enough for particular requirements, and how to get the most out of drone-based sensors by taking advantage of ground control points. 

Case Studies in Construction

Discover the tangible benefits and practical applications of UAV technology in construction with our exclusive session featuring real-world case studies. In focused presentations, industry experts will share their experiences and insights, highlighting the practical benefits and challenges encountered when integrating UAV technology into construction workflows.

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