What’s Powering Your Drone?

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From conventional batteries to hydrogen to tethered cables to solar, there are many ways to power a drone. But what is the best powering solution for your UAV mission? How can you determine which power source is right for your job? And are there new technologies on the horizon that may provide the power, speed, and efficiency you’re looking for?

This webinar brings together drone industry professionals to review current power options for commercial drone operations. They will discuss recent advances in drone propulsion, explore drone-in-a-box solutions and docking stations, and offer advance on choosing the right power option for your vehicle or fleet.


Andy Kelly, Head of Product, Intelligent Energy

Andy Kelly is responsible for IE-SOAR products, Intelligent Energy’s fuel cell power products for UAVs. Andy has held Product Design roles in the green energy market for 16 years, with a focus on fuel cell powered drones for the past eight.

His expertise lies in bringing new, complex technologies to the market in user friendly, saleable products. Andy is experienced in product legislation and certification, and during his time with Intelligent Energy has led the development and certification of multiple fuel cell products.

Andy’s focus currently is introducing fuel cells to real world UAV operations.

Danielle McLean, Founder and CEO, HYSKY Society

Danielle is an entrepreneur, engineer and hydrogen aviation thought leader. She is the founder and CEO of HYSKY Society™, a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in 2022 whose mission is "advancing hydrogen aviation across North America™." She was the first woman founder and CEO of a hydrogen-powered aviation/aerospace company.

Her goals include decarbonizing aviation, identifying opportunities for overlooked groups, and building multicultural teams. Danielle received the Innovation Award by Spirit Aerosystems and founded the company’s Urban Air Mobility Advanced Product Development program. In addition to co-founding/chairing the H2eVTOL Council (now HYSKY Monthly) where she pre-competitively connected over 300 hydrogen-aviation companies, she was also the Vertical Flight Society’s hydrogen and Workforce-Diversity Advisor.

Danielle is a critical force in the growing momentum for hydrogen aviation and increasing awareness on the need for diversity in the industry. In 2018 she founded HTO where she developed the H2eVTOL called Prism. She founded the DiversiFlite podcast where she spoke with eVTOL stakeholders about diversity. She left her stress engineering job in 2018 to become an entrepreneur and evangelist for hydrogen aviation. Danielle holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering with a focus on aerospace. Prior to becoming an aerospace engineer, Danielle co-founded a recording studio where she worked as lead audio engineer for 10 years.


Jeremiah Karpowicz, Editorial Director, Commercial UAV News

Jeremiah has spent over a decade cultivating communities of all different types, both in-person and online. He has created articles, videos, newsletters, ebooks and plenty more for these communities as a contributor and editor. He has also shaped and defined various conference programs. Today, he is focused on defining what it means to take the engagement that happens in both the physical and digital worlds to the next level.