Seeing Is Believing - Asset inspection and incident response from your desk

Free Webinar | Thursday, July 18, 2024 | 10:00AM PST | 1:00PM EST | 6:00PM BST

Join us for a LIVE (yes, actually live!) demo showcasing how you can complete asset inspections and incident responses without ever leaving your desk. Imagine inspecting critical infrastructure and responding to urgent situations from your office without needing to spend critical time driving to sites. Experience firsthand how these advanced drones operate in real time, offering unparalleled remote accessibility, safety, and efficiency. Seeing truly is believing.

In this webinar, we will show you:

  • Remote Operations in Action: Inspect and respond from anywhere in the world via a web browser, while still in your office chair
  • Cost Reduction Strategies: Save on costs (travel, labor, equipment, etc) while allowing your team to focus on areas that require their expertise
  • Enhanced Safety Protocols: Change the game - capture all the necessary data while your team stays safe on the ground, away from danger
  • Real-Time Data and Insights: At your fingertips, see how real-time data captured by drones can be accessed immediately and transform asset management and maintenance strategies

This session is a must for any professionals responsible for asset inspection, maintenance, and security. We will end the webinar with live requests and QA. Even if you can’t join live, register anyway, we will send out the recording after.


Corey Hitchcock, Utility Solutions Specialist, Skydio

Corey joined Skydio as a utility solutions specialist in early 2023. Prior to Skydio, Corey led UAS Program Development and Operations with Southern Co. Aerial Services. Corey developed methods for operating drones across the nuclear, gas, and power verticals, notably flying one of the first UAS inspections on an operating nuclear reactor. At Skydio, he is developing dock based drone use cases for autonomous inspections as well as focused routine, event based, and security inspections for substations. These dock based inspections are focused on reducing the duration and frequency of outages, allowing for predictive based maintenance plans to be implemented.

Lee Mcmillan, Director of Product Marketing, Docks and Remote Operations, Skydio

Lee joined Skydio in 2023 as the Director of Product Marketing for Dock and Remote Operations, focusing on using autonomous aerial robots to create safer, more productive work environments. With over 19 years of experience in enterprise hardware and software solutions across public safety, construction, and healthcare, Lee is a seasoned Product Marketing professional. His career includes impactful roles at HeadLight, where he led strategic marketing efforts in construction software, and at Axon, where he launched Axon Record, Citizen reporting, and AI transcription tools.