Safe and Secure Drone Operations

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Ensuring Safe and Secure Drone Operations Being able to demonstrate to stakeholders like the FAA, the public, and your clients that you can reliably, securely, and consistently fly safe missions is one of the keys to opening the drone industry. Our panel of expert panelists will walk you through some of the most common mistakes and misunderstandings they encounter, why security and safety matter, what you can do to build a safe drone operation, how to best document your operations, and more.


Brendon Mills, CEO, Fortress UAV

For more than 25 years, Mr. Mills has served as a serial entrepreneur, investor, and CEO in the communications and web-based technology market. Mr. Mills has been involved in multiple venture-backed technology start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and private equity investment and portfolio companies during his career.

Mr. Mills founded venture-backed GENBAND (General Bandwidth, Inc.) in 1999 and led the company as CEO, President until 2005. During his tenure at GENBAND, Mr. Mills secured financing venture capital funding from Sevin Rosen, Sequoia Capital, Venrock, and Invesco, and through a successful partnership with Alcatel, won a significant part of the SBC Communications APON, VOIP (Project Light speed) contract in 2004. In 2006, Mr. Mills founded Rip Code, Inc., a video technology company based in Dallas and Austin, Texas that focused on the deployment of mobile, three-screen video trans coding and delivery. In 2010, Rip Code merged with RGB Networks, a Klein Perkins and Accelerate backed video technology company based in Sunnyvale, California. Mr. Mills has held previous positions with ATEME, S.A., RGB Networks, Cisco Systems through its acquisition of NetSpeed in 1998, Dell Computers and NetWorth, Inc.

In 2017, Mr. Mills founded Fortress UAV for the expressed purpose of providing UAS deployment, repair and logistics services for the expanding drone market. Today, Fortress UAV is a leader in the ever-growing drone industry.

Mr. Mills also serves as Managing Partner of Vspeed Capital, LLC. Mr. Mills has 12 US technology patents and holds a B.A. degree from Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri.

Lori DeMatteis, VP of Sales & Marketing, Iris Automation

Lori has over 20 years of experience as a top-performing, global executive leader. She has built an extensive portfolio of achievements and key contributions across multiple functional areas and industries. In companies ranging from start-ups to Global 50 corporations, she has fused innovative, strategic planning with product, sales, and operational solutions that have led to breakthrough results. Her global experience and successes spans over 110 countries.

Lori’s product background and expertise: IIoT/AI /Industrial/Analytics, Big Data, Security and Cloud solutions. Throughout her career, she has been recruited and called upon to tackle extremely challenging obstacles, including 180-degree turnarounds and demanding go-to-market transformation initiatives in multiple startups across large as well as early-stage companies. Repeatedly, she has delivered above expectations and positioned companies for both immediate and long-term success, earning recognition from C-level and boards.

Gene Engelgau, CEO, Fruity Chutes Inc.

Gene Engelgau, CEO of Fruity Chutes, has been part of the Silicon Valley high tech industry since the late 70’s.  He’s founded several high tech start-ups both in the early Internet e-commerce space, as well as the hobby radio control industries.  Gene has experience in electronics hardware design, embedded systems, enterprise software, and web systems design, databases. He’s flown RC aircraft and rockets for 40 years.  In the mid-80’s Gene helped found CSys Labs Inc. Founded in October 2007, Fruity Chutes has established itself as a leading provider to the UAS industry of a broad range of parachute recovery products optimized for light weight and high strength.  Gene has stayed involved in high power rocketry and currently serves on the board of, one of the most prestigious armature rocketry clubs in the world.  Their activities take place in Black Rock desert NV.  Gene is married with three children and lives in Monte Sereno CA, USA.

Patrick Modlin, CEO and Cofounder, ORANGE

Patrick is the CEO and cofounder of ORANGE - Autonomous and Aviation Services. He started ORANGE with a vision to turn innovative vehicle concepts into safe, tested reality.  He supports all four pillars of ORANGE services (Safety, Mission Assurance, Certification, and Flight Test) and is passionate about tailoring bespoke solutions for each client.   Patrick is an experienced Navy test pilot, with a specialization in fighters and unmanned vehicles (sea, air, land).



Danielle Gagne, Editorial Analyst, Commercial UAV News

Danielle comes to Commercial UAV News from an editorial background in higher education publishing where she edited books on every topic from financial risk management to nanotechnology and morphing wing technology. During that time, she reported and conveyed the business needs and expectations between all points of her organization and the technology team, working closely with IT development. This skillset led her to Diversified Communications and the commercial UAV industry, where she is excited to be able continue to report important technology news and developments to a wider audience.