Reshaping Energy and Utility Workflows with Drones

Free Webinar | Thursday, August 15, 2024 | 10:00AM PST | 1:00PM EST | 6:00PM BST

Managing the complex infrastructure of the electrical grid, power generation station, energy production is both a critical and challenging task. The facilities where power is made, stored or transmitted are of utmost importance to any nation, and lapses in maintenance or inspection can have expensive, far-reaching consequences. As an industry, oil, gas, and utility companies have been early adopters of robotics, automation and other technologies that can improve maintenance outcomes – from increasing the frequency of inspections to making sure that personnel are safe from hazardous exposure. 

Drones have recently emerged as another powerful tool that has the potential to innovate industrial inspections, discover leaks or problems before they become catastrophic, and even to prevent environmental harm from malfunctioning or worn equipment. In this webinar, panelists will discuss how and where drones are fitting into the energy, utilities and industrial infrastructure inspection space – and how drones can be uniquely helpful for specific use-cases. New sensors, task-specific payloads, and new innovations are making drones more appealing and useful in utility work and other critical applications. Learn how and where UAS are making a difference in this essential industry, and the potential for future use cases.


Carla Lauter, Content Manager, Commercial UAV News and Geo Week

Carla Lauter is Content Manager for Commercial UAV News and Geo Week, curating conference content and newsletters in support of both events. Before joining Diversified Communications, Carla spent 10 years on NASA and National Science Foundation funded projects focusing on Earth science and communication. She has worked on web-based outreach and online interactives for NASA Earth Science, including products for satellite missions measuring sea level, salinity and hyperspectral ocean color.