Navigating Marketing Strategies in the Commercial Drone Industry

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Join this expert panel discussion as we delve into the dynamic world of marketing in the commercial drone industry, exploring innovative tips and techniques to elevate your marketing game. From standing out in a crowded market to crafting compelling value propositions, our panelists will share invaluable insights on positioning your company for thought leadership and success. Learn how to tell positive stories that demonstrate the social and economic benefits of drone technology and gain a competitive edge in an industry where growth is intricately tied to regulatory developments. Don't miss this opportunity to soar above the competition!


Carla Repsold, Senior Marketing Manager, SkyGrid

Carla Repsold is the Senior Marketing Manager at SkyGrid, where she oversees the company’s communications, product marketing, campaigns and events, marketing operations, and branding. She brings a broad portfolio of skills to the position, including strategic alignment, integrated marketing strategies, brand cultivation and oversight, digital marketing, and operational execution.

Before joining SkyGrid, Carla led the marketing efforts at The Hollis Co., as Marketing and CRM Manager, where she led campaigns that effectively communicated the company's value proposition and oversaw all aspects of digital marketing, including content creation, social media management, SEO, and online advertising.

She has over 10 years of experience in leading diverse teams and expertly crafting and executing global marketing campaigns that increase brand visibility and revenue. Carla earned her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Baisali Ghosh, Marcom Manager, FlytBase

As a Marcom Manager at FlytBase, Baisali oversees the content strategy, creation, and management! With over 7 years of experience in the drone industry and 3 years of it at FlytBase, she’s a self-proclaimed drone fanatic and is obsessed with all things geographical. In 2022, she has been recognized as the “Women to Watch in UAS” for AI/Autonomy category by Women and Drones.

When she’s not busy hosting FlytBase’s webinar series or organizing NestGen - a global drone autonomy summit, you can find her exploring the Patagonian Desert, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, or the Yellowstone Caldera on Google Earth.

Eno Umoh, Co-Founder, Global Air U and the Global Air Drone Academy

Eno Umoh, co-founder of the online learning platform Global Air U, has made significant contributions to the drone industry, particularly with his expansion into Africa, including the opening of an office in Nigeria in 2020. His work, extending over 14 countries, involves training individuals and businesses in various aspects of drone entrepreneurship, focusing on marketing, branding, sales, and lead generation strategies.

His approach to drone education, coupled with his involvement in drone business competitions, showcases a blend of practical experience and a deep understanding of the industry's needs. Eno's efforts have not only supported the growth of numerous startups and established companies but have also played a crucial role in advancing the application of drone technology in diverse sectors.

Eno Umoh's journey in the drone industry is a testament to his dedication to innovation and education, making a notable impact in the field, especially in emerging markets. His achievements reflect a commitment to enhancing the commercial drone sector through knowledge sharing and strategic development.

Randall Warnas, Vice President - Sales and Marketing, Workhorse

Randall Warnas has spent the last decade in the drone industry evangelizing and educating about the growing procurement of this technology across a variety of verticals. Since 2014, he has been pioneering and establishing a number of manufacturer's positions in the commercial drone space; most namely setting up the foundation of DJI Enterprise, driving the understanding and benefits of aerial thermal imaging while at FLIR, and briefly taking the reins as CEO of Autel Robotics. Randall has had a unique vantage point during this period of rapid growth in drone technologies and has seen firsthand the strategies of brand building and marketing that work and ones that are less effective.


Lora Burns, Senior Marketing Manager, Commercial UAV Expo

Lora Burns is the Senior Marketing Manager at Commercial UAV Expo and Geo Week. She creates cross-industry and vertical-focused promotional strategies and implements hundreds of marketing and lead gen campaigns yearly with a proven success record of connecting commercial drone professionals, end users, and solution providers. Lora aims to foster partnerships with local and global organizations to elevate diverse voices in the commercial drone industry.  She has nearly 20 years’ experience in B2B marketing communications and conference/content strategies with a focus on advanced technology and natural sciences.