Beyond drone camera specs: Looking past the gimbal and the quality factors to look for

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Join us for a deep dive into the cutting-edge sensor landscape and key image quality factors shaping today's drone technology. This webinar is a comprehensive exploration of drone camera advancements and delves into the technical nuances and real-world implications of aerial data capture.

We’ll present the findings from Imatest, a renowned third-party testing organization, which compared image quality factors across top enterprise drones on the market.

Attend to learn:

  • Key user insights that shape the development of the most advanced sensors
  • Important image quality factors and performance findings from the latest Imatest study
  • New applications and capabilities that are now possible from advanced aerial sensors
  • Which sensors set the bar in the industry for performance and functionality


Jason Tillman, Director, Product Marketing, Skydio

Jason is the Director of Product Marketing at Skydio, a leading U.S. drone manufacturer known for its advancements in autonomous flight. He specializes in the realm of hand-launched drones, playing a crucial role in defining the market presence of Skydio's innovative products. His professional background includes significant roles at major tech firms such as Axon and Microsoft, as well as a multitude of early stage technology startups. Jason holds an MBA from Gonzaga University and is a certified Part 107 drone pilot.

Rayed Khan, Product Manager, Skydio

Rayed Khan is a Product Manager at Skydio, where he focuses on sensor packages (including visual and thermal cameras) and related flight software. Prior to Skydio, Rayed helped launch the customer success team at Samsara, an industry leader in IoT devices. He also held various engineering and product development roles at Boeing, where he ultimately led the support engineering relationship with British Airways and Singapore Airlines, maximizing their fleets' safety, efficiency, and reliability. Rayed holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California and a Part 107 certificate. He is also an avid photographer.

Russell Bondi, Senior Engineering Manager - Image Quality, Skydio

Russell Bondi is a seasoned leader in the field of image quality, currently spearheading the Image Quality Team at Skydio. With over five years at the helm, Russell has been instrumental in advancing Skydio's reputation for cutting-edge visual technology, ensuring the highest standards of image excellence in the industry. Prior to his tenure at Skydio, Russell dedicated three years to leading projects at GoPro, where he honed his expertise in imaging technology and project management. His background combines technical acumen with strategic leadership, making him a pivotal figure in the development of superior imaging solutions.