Advancing Infrastructure Inspection with UAVs

Free Webinar | Thursday, June 20, 2024 | 10:00AM PST | 1:00PM EST | 6:00PM BST

Join us for a webinar exploring the cutting-edge utilization of UAVs in infrastructure inspection. From bridges to power lines, pipelines to railways, UAV technology has revolutionized the way we monitor and maintain critical infrastructure. In this webinar, industry experts will delve into the myriad applications and benefits of UAVs in infrastructure inspection. Discover how UAVs equipped with advanced sensors and imaging technologies provide unparalleled access, speed, and accuracy in assessing infrastructure integrity. Learn about real-world case studies showcasing how UAVs are transforming traditional inspection methods, saving time, reducing costs, and enhancing safety.

Whether you're a professional in civil engineering, infrastructure management, or simply curious about the latest advancements in aerial technology, this webinar offers invaluable insights into the transformative potential of UAVs in safeguarding critical infrastructure assets. Don't miss this opportunity to soar to new heights with UAVs in infrastructure inspection!


Asaf Even Paz, Imagery Account Executive, Esri

Asaf Even-Paz is an Account Executive on the Imagery and Remote Sensing team at Esri. Asaf has an extensive geo-spatial background spanning more than 15 years which included drone aerial imagery, traffic information systems and geographic system analysis. He has been at Esri since 2021 and has worked with clients from many different sectors including AEC, Utilities, State and Local Government and Education.

Ulrich Amberg, CEO, SwissDrones

Ulrich has joined SwissDrones as their CEO in 2020 and drives the company’s global expansion to establish revolutionary aerial intelligence solutions for the Energy industry and in Public Safety using uncrewed long-range helicopters. SwissDrones has been named a Top 50 Global UAV Enterprise by the World UAV Federation and a Top 40 Civil Drone Platform Manufacturer by Drone Industry Insights.

Ulrich has more than 25 years of experience in technology-enabled business transformation, professional services, and leadership roles across industries. He was a KPMG partner for eight years, where he held various management positions and led a consulting practice with 150 professionals. He holds degrees in electronics engineering and computer science, has completed a Corporate Leadership Development Program at INSEAD and the Advanced Management Program (AMP) at Harvard Business School.

Aside of his corporate roles, Ulrich has co-founded and invested in multiple start-up ventures and has been serving on various boards where he leverages his experience in strategy and management consulting to support growing companies in shaping their strategy and business plans.

Barritt Lovelace, Vice President of UAS, AI and Reality Modeling, Collins Engineers, Inc.

Mr. Lovelace has more than 25 years of structural engineering experience in bridge design, load rating, safety inspection, and bridge rehabilitation. He has been the Lead Design Engineer for over 50 bridge projects including prestressed concrete, steel, cast-in-place concrete, curved steel and timber bridges. Barritt is a certified UAS Pilot and has utilized UAS on numerous projects including over 500 bridge inspections. He has led 7 research projects utilizing technology to improve inspections and helps assets owners use technology to improve outcomes. Mr. Lovelace has performed above and underwater inspections of numerous bridges and marine facilities. He has performed the safety inspection of over 3,000 bridges, including major river crossing bridges. His inspection experience encompasses both above and underwater inspections of numerous bridges and marine facilities. Mr. Lovelace is a certified rope access technician and is experienced in non-destructive testing and fracture critical inspection procedures. He was the project manager for the development of the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Bridge Inspection Program Manual. Mr. Lovelace is an instructor of adult learning and has completed the NHI Instructor Training Course, currently teaching NHI classes for the Federal Highway Administration and has been the principal investigator on six research projects.


Carla Lauter, Content Manager, Commercial UAV News and Geo Week

Carla Lauter is Content Manager for Commercial UAV News and Geo Week, curating conference content and newsletters in support of both events. Before joining Diversified Communications, Carla spent 10 years on NASA and National Science Foundation funded projects focusing on Earth science and communication. She has worked on web-based outreach and online interactives for NASA Earth Science, including products for satellite missions measuring sea level, salinity and hyperspectral ocean color.