Zephyr Drone Simulator

The Zephyr Drone Simulator is a full-featured training solution and is a highly effective tool for flight academies, commercial enterprises, and anyone seeking practice for safely and efficiently operating unmanned aircraft. It is an advanced simulator for drone training that takes into account factors such as FAA guidelines and real-world physics in order to deliver a comprehensive learning experience that promotes safety and skill retention. It boasts a constantly expanding library of both training modules and drone platforms meticulously crafted with accurate flight characteristics. In addition, its drone training modules can be customized to deliver a specifically tailored learning curriculum to fit the needs of individual learning institutions. Zephyr’s unique Learning Management System then ensures that flight instructors are able to quickly and accurately measure student progress without the need to be physically present. Zephyr Drone Simulator has been designed from the ground up to provide the comprehensive training solution needed for the rapidly expanding commercial drone market.