Powerful, Precise, Proven. UVify is the world’s #1 manufacturer and supplier of swarm light show drones. 

The UVify IFO is deployed around the world and used in more AAA productions than any other platform. Other companies hide behind words and websites with little to show in terms of live shows, while IFO is 80% of the global market and 90% of the North American market.  IFO is the platform of choice by those who demand nothing less than the best. You can see IFO in more world's-first drone show productions than any other drone. 

  • World’s first drone show at Niagara Falls: Avatar II premier 
  • World’s first scannable QR code for single release: Travis Scott 
  • World’s first Nike brand launch: Drake 
  • World’s first video game release drone show: Microsoft Halo 
  • World’s first MLB drone show: Oakland A’s Star Wars 
  • World’s first NASCAR drone show 
  • World’s first drone ad for New York City: Candy Crush 
  • World’s first NBA Draft drone show 
  • World’s first FIFA drone show: Manchester City Champions 
  • World’s first drone show in Scotland 
  • World’s first drone show on YouTube to exceed 6mn views: BTS 2021 NYE 
  • And the list goes on and on and on, but you get the idea... 


See. Believe.