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TopoDOT® is a high-performance Bentley application for analyzing and extracting topography and models from point clouds and orthophotos. TopoDOT includes data management tools for point cloud projects of any size as well as data assessment tools to analyze the data’s quality. Additionally, it features a wide range of feature extraction tools for transportation applications such as corridor topographies, GIS inventories, surface modeling and 3D modeling. TopoDOT is used by more than 6000+ users around the world to extract features such as:

  • Transportation Corridors Topography (Rail & Roadway)
  • Transmission, Distribution and Substations Powerline Corridor Modeling

TopoDOT is the industry leading software application for both UAS LiDAR and photogrammetry point cloud applications because its feature extraction tools produce high quality CAD models that meet the tough demands and quality standards required by downstream operations. TopoDOT deliverables can be used in a wide range of CAD and Engineering applications such as products offered by Bentley® (MicroStation by default), AutoDesk®, ESRI®, and others.