Sunhillo Corporation

Radar/ADS-B Surveillance Data Fusion | US Military deployed ADS-B Receivers | Surveillance Monitoring and Display of Crewed/Uncrewed targets

Deployed to over 50 countries, Sunhillo is a global leader in Surveillance and Flight Data Distribution and Conversion Systems working directly with the FAA, US Military, and ANSPs worldwide. Sunhillo  provides situational awareness monitoring and display of radar targets, ADS-B receiver, and tracking of UAVs. Sunhillos UAS Connector (UAS-C) System is a BVLOS solution that provides seamless integration of UAV's in Controlled Airspace including UAV tracking, ground-to-ground voice communications, and situational awareness. 

Sunhillo's UAS Situational Awareness Solution Fuses multiple surveillance sources (Radar, ADS-B, UAS Tracking) and is able to display the tracks on a single map or provide the data in various ATC formats for distribution to a command center, ATC, or to integrate into other systems.   Sunhillo products include ADS-B Receivers, Radar data distribution and conversion gateways, surveillance monitor and display, TDM to IP, & Data Diodes.