Specialty Coating Systems


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SCS is a world leader in Parylene, liquid, plasma, ALD and multi-layer conformal coating services and technologies with 50 years of experience and 21 worldwide locations, including 9 in the Americas, 5 in Europe and 7 in Asia. SCS conformal coatings offer excellent moisture, chemical, and dielectric barrier properties to protect components in the defense, aerospace, medical device, electronics and transportation industries. 

SCS’ new PlasmaGuard™ conformal coatings provide excellent splash proof and waterproof barrier protection and dielectric properties. PlasmaGuard plasma polymerized nanocoatings are ultra-thin, halogen-free and lightweight, making them ideal to protect consumer electronics, medical and wearable devices and components.

Designed to protect components operating in harsh environments, Parylene HT® is thermally stable up to 350°C long-term (450° short-term) and UV stable. SCS’ halogen-free coating, ParyFree®, offers the same benefits as the traditional Parylenes but with improved barrier properties over traditional non-halogen variants.