NW Rapid Mfg


11160 SW Durham Lane

NW Rapid Mfg. is your source for rapidly manufactured 3D-printed parts and prototypes. NW Rapid has over a decade of experience in problem-solving complex parts and bringing ideas into full-scale production. NW Rapid Mfg. is fully committed to delivering high-quality parts and customer support while offering competitive pricing. We run three EOS laser sintering machines, which can run powders from multiple vendors. Our P390, P730, and P760 are all extremely reliable.

EOSINT P390 is a production workhorse capable of printing functional, high-quality nylon parts and lost patterns for investment casting. Though Gretel may be our oldest machine, she still dominates in speed with her smaller build platform allowing for quicker turnaround times without compromising quality. Build volume: 340x240x620mm.

EOSINT P730 is one of the largest plastic SLS systems available. A double-laser system and a horizontal build produces the highest part quality, increases productivity, and is suited for complex geometries. The P 730 can print highly functional, high-quality nylon parts, patterns for investment casting, and Cam clones. Build volume: 700x380x580mm.