LiteWave Technologies

Edge is the world's first small-scale topographic and bathymetric scanning LiDAR that can detect small underwater objects, measure shallow water depth, and survey critical underwater infrastructure from a small UAV platform.

LiteWave's patented 2-in-1 topo-bathy LiDAR overcomes the limitations of traditional bathymetric LiDAR, measuring underwater features at centimeter-level depth resolution. From coastal mapping and surveying, to infrastructure inspection and military logistics, the applications of our LiDAR are numerous and widespread.

Edge provides high-definition measurements both above and below the water surface and accurately measures the transition from land to water. Additionally, we provide simultaneous water- and bottomsurface detection at sub-centimeter accuracy and precision from shore through shallow waters—an industry first.

Our versatile scanning LiDAR provides 3-D imagery of the underwater scene, and yet meets the size, weight, and power requirements for common-use UAV (drone) deployment—another industry first.