Korea Pavilion (MOLIT&KIAST)

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, abbreviated as MOLIT is a central administrative agency in South Korea responsible for establishing and coordinating a comprehensive national plan, conservation and development of national territory, construction, coastal, river and reclamation, land transport, rail and aviation. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Maritime Affairs was reorganized and launched on March 23, 2013.

KIAST is a specialized aviation safety institute dedicated to fostering experts in aviation safety technologies and performing certification, testing, research and technology development work for aircraft accident prevention.

Through aviation safety technology, we lead to a change in safety culture in the preliminary paradigm.

In particular, in order to lead the safety of drones, which are a key promising industry of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we are in charge of various drone demonstration projects, drone traffic management, drone company support hub, airspace reservation, and special flight approval.

We are the only aviation safety institute in Korea.