ideaForge Technology Pvt. Ltd.

ideaForge was founded by 4 engineering graduates from IIT Bombay and is the pioneer and the preeminent market leader for drone technology in India since 2007. We try to push the limits of what's possible with UAVs and drive the adoption of this technology for enhancing productivity and security. Our drones are built like a Bird and tested like a Tank with the focus on delivering the user's mission. They boast of high performance, reliability, and autonomy to do the job with less stress and higher margins, and are used across India from the harsh dry desert in the west to humid coastal regions in the south to the freezing high-altitude terrain in the north and east. We have the largest operational deployment of drones in the country with one taking off every 6 minutes. As we look towards realizing the vision of our Hon. Prime Minister to "make India the drone hub of the world by 2030", we aim to expand globally and open substantially new drone categories to accelerate this journey.