Haskel International, LLC


100 East Graham Place

Focused on sustainability and advancing the hydrogen infrastructure, Haskel supports a green economy with hydrogen refuelling equipment.  UAV's powered by  a hydrogen fuel cell can fly farther and up to three times longer than comparably sized battery-powered aircraft. They operate silently, emit nothing but water, and can be refueled quickly.

Hydrogen Gas Charging units are lightweight, practictal, portable refuelling systems ideal for hydrogen powered UAVs. Our portable gas charging units are powered by compressed gas from a compressor or gas cylinder.  Suitable for operation in any location, they are fast, safe, reliable and can achieve pressure to 5,500 PSI (380 bar)

For over 75 years, Haskel - an Ingersoll Rand business, has been recognized as the world’s leading provider of pressure generating pumps and gas boosters for compressed gases and fluids.  We not only lead the high-pressure generating industry – we pioneered it with our product innovations. It’s why we are consistently selected for mission critical applications that are fundamental to global sustainability, safety, national security, research, and exploration.