GreenValley International

Headquartered in Berkeley, California, GVI (GreenValley International Inc.) is a leading innovator of 3D and AI driven
mapping technologies. As a LiDAR turnkey solutions provider, we provide a wide range of aerial, terrestrial, and 
mobile LiDAR survey and mapping hardware  systems, as well as cutting-edge software like the popular LiDAR 
analysis software LiDAR360, LiPowerline, and LiDAR360 MLS. By  partnering with the industry’s most 
innovative companies like UGCS, Riegl,  Hesai, DJI Livox and so on, we strive to bring to our customers the most 
effective products that will get the job done.
As one of the top LiDAR manufacturers globally now, GVI LiDAR products have been used in 137 
countries, serving clients including many Fortune Global 500 companies, Stanford University, UC Berkeley ,US government, 
and so on.