Fusion Engineering Technologies B.V.

Fusion Engineering develops cutting edge flight controllers for the commercial UAV industry. By implementing novel control algorithms in our easy-to-use flight control solutions, we allow our users to reach higher levels of flight safety certification while pushing the boundaries of flight performance.

With safety and robustness as the pillars of our solutions, we developed our own flexible and reliable software platform from scratch; the innovative flight control algorithms we compiled on top of this platform were purpose-made to deliver higher-accuracy positioning, rapid & consistent disturbance rejection, and improved drone survivability.   
Since the launch of our first flight controller in Q1 of 2021, our control algorithms have repeatedly proven their superior performance and robustness compared to traditional control algorithms. In addition to displaying great success in laboratory environments, the Fusion Reflex has also seen extensive testing on our international partners’ platforms in applications ranging from simple package delivery to wind turbine blade inspection. 

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