Drone Industry Systems Corp (DISC)

Drone Industry Systems Corp (DISC) & Vertiport Infrastructure Systems Corp (VISC) will introduce for the first time its Smart AI Vertiport-in-a-BoxTM  multimodal hardware and software system that creates the nexus between digital & physical assets as an intelligent Autonomous Infrastructure Solutions for the delivery of people and cargo, via drone and eVTOL services.

The Smart AI Vertiport-in-a-Box is a turn-key solution that incorporates DISC's pat. pend. Rooftop and Ground DronePort/Vertiport with consumer hailing, vendor management, operational fleet logistics and mobile applications, that integrates its multimodal delivery solutions using its pat. pend. Smart Delivery Doorbell Data Miner, Smart Drone Delivery Landing Pad Data Miner, Smart Drone Data Miner, Smart Rooftop Weather Tower Data Miner, Smart Drone Rooftop Hanger/Charging Station Data Miner, Smart Drone Delivery Container and Battery Swapping Data Miner, Smart Ground Delivery Robot Data Miner, with a Smart Drone/eVTOL Home, Smart Skylight Drone Landing Pad Data Miner, Smart Drone/eVTOL Subdivision, the Drone/eVTOL Metaverse, Blockchain, Cyber Security, and so much more!