C-Astral Aerospace

C-ASTRAL Aerospace is a global market leader with an established reputation in the specialized, fixed-wing small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) manufacturing and services field.With three families of small UAS systems, the BRAMOR, ATLAS (Advanced Technology Light Acquisition System) and the new eVTOL SQA [skjua], as well as with customers in 72 countries on all continents, C-ASTRAL is a constant presence on the specialized small UAS markets since 2007. Besides systems integration, C-ASTRAL has developed avionics, secure and adaptable mesh communication systems, command and control software as well as the capability to integrate its UAS units with UTM and C4ISR solutions, battlefield management systems and interoperable solutions such as ATAK. C-ASTRAL systems are flying in mountains, over deserts, over the poles, over coastlines, over infrastructure and oceans with Enduring-Precision.