Astrium, Inc.

Astrium, Inc. is a well-capitalized, veteran-owned, small business with an experienced executive team capable of rapid project advancement.  Executive team has been in the design, manufacturing, and advanced aerodynamics field for a combined experience of 40+ years.  This combined experience includes commercial UAV development and extensive research and development in advanced aircraft design and innovative control logic across multiple DoD sectors through the United State Air Force Academy and consultant efforts for multiple DoD and commercial entities. The executive team consists of President, Michael Cyrus. He has over 40 year of aerospace experience to include 20 years as a NASA senior engineer, senior manager at Lockheed Martin and has led the start-up of two innovative UAV companies.  Steve Brandt, CEO and Co-Founder is a retired US Air Force test pilot with a deep background in UAV aerospace engineering. Ryan Osteroos, CTO and Co-Founder is a retired US Air Force test pilot and aerospace engineer with expertise in flight control logic. Ryan and Steve specialize in moving small UAV prototypes rapidly from design to flight test.