AeroFT Ltd

AeroFT (Aerospace Future Technologies) is a startup technology provider who creates cost effective and reliable modular UAS platforms that serve long range / high endurance BVLOS* mission requirements. 

Our highly efficient fixed-wing product promises to provide the best endurance commercial UAS (under 90lbs Take Off Mass, Class 3**) - up to 80 hours of flight time on readily-availablegasoline, and up to 45 hours of flight time on clean hydrogen fuel. The modular airframe has a maximum payload capacity of 26lbs (in addition to fuel), and aims to transform high endurance missions through seemless autonomy and make use of existing aviation-compliant systems. 

Target applications include, but are not limited to: long distance medical supply delivery, offshore energy infrastructure monitoring, research, photography and film (including astrophotography), search and rescue, ocean pollution management, and security.

* Beyond Visual Line of Sight

** Gross Take Off Mass 55 - 1320lbs (US DoD classification)