Aero Systems West

Aero Systems West (ASW) is an American unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) manufacturer located in Northern California. Founded in 2016, ASW has grown our focus to heavy payload, high endurance, and modular aircraft for the military, government, and commercial sectors.  In addition, ASW offers payload integration, engineering and flight test services at our private flight range.  With our acquisition by Nippon Kayaku Company, ASW is pleased to integrate with an over 100-year legacy to safety and reliability. This integration will increase our capability to manufacture, customize, and service our American made aircraft for years to come in addition to unlocking global network channels.  We are pleased to present to you some of our aircraft and safety systems capabilities that will unlock the full potential of our aircraft into the national airspace (NAS) with your mission.  ASW is poised and dedicated to provide you with the safest unmanned aircraft systems on the market.