Perspectives on Continuing Growth in the Drone Delivery Industry

Recent reports estimate that the drone delivery industry will grow by 20% annually over the next five or six years. Other studies are even more optimistic, projecting a yearly growth rate of more than 50%. Although predictions vary, most experts are certain that the drone delivery sector will continue to expand.

Why are they optimistic? Given recent progress and change, will the drone delivery industry hit its lofty growth projections?

To explore the keys for sustainable growth in the drone delivery industry, Commercial UAV News spoke to four experts in the field:

  • Pharns Genece, CEO, Unmanned Systems Operations Group, Inc.
  • Grant Guillot, President, Grant Guillot, LLC
  • Carl Smit, Chief Strategy Officer, DroneUp
  • Ken Stewart, President and CEO, NUAIR

These experts answered the following questions:

  • Will the industry continue to grow?
  • How much an impact did the pandemic have on the drone delivery industry?
  • Is the technology where it needs to be to move the industry ahead? Are regulations holding it back?
  • Where does the drone delivery industry go from here?