How Will the Future of the Airspace be Defined by AAM/UAM Ecosystems?

Although some continue to view Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) as something in the far-off future, the AAM industry is here, it is growing, and it will play an important role in our everyday lives.

The AAM ecosystem includes Urban Air Mobility (UAM) solutions, which previously described the entire sector. The update in terminology reflects the fact that drones that are large enough to transport a person will not only be operating in urban environments—they will become a mainstay in the airspace across the entire world.

Industry leaders are excited about the future AAM, and they are eager to push the technology forward to address issues such as traffic congestion, package delivery, healthcare access, air pollution, and more.

In this report, Commercial UAV News spoke with four experts in the field:

  • Juan Plaza, Juan B. Plaza Consulting Corp.
  • Manu Lubrano, INVOLIS
  • Max Rijnierse, Avy
  • Tom Furey, Sagetech Avionics