Unleashing the Power of Drones Across Europe: Safety Sustainability, and Beyond

Across Europe, companies of all sizes are embracing goals that increase worker safety and reduce their climate impact. Many are turning to innovative technologies like drones to achieve these goals, leading to significant changes in the interest around enterprise and community-based drone applications across the continent. The European drone market's projected growth of €44 billion ($47 billion) and creation of 145,000 jobs by 2030 underscores the immense potential of this technology to unlock significant value in achieving safety and sustainability goals.

Download this report to learn:

  • How can operators and stakeholders across Europe best consider their options?
  • What does it mean to move forward with technology in a way that will unlock value?
  • Why is it critical to measure improvements to safety and overall sustainability efforts?
  • Who are the technology pioneers that others can learn from?
  • Where have these drone programs made the biggest impact?

Discover answers to these questions and more with success stories from across Europe and beyond the continent. This all-encompassing report will give you a better sense of how these details and insights can impact your own drone adoption and integration process.

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