The Skies are Open in Switzerland

By 2035 over 19,000 drones per hour will be flying over urban cities the size of Paris, sharing the skies with manned commercial airplanes, helicopters, and other general aviation aircraft. This will amount to tens of millions of drones flying in commercial airspace each day. With most airports using the same VHF radio technology that was being used in WWII, the need for a global, network-based traffic management system has never been greater. Switzerland has been serving as ground zero for UAV and UAS innovation with its competitive yet enabling environment, an established drone community, lower barriers to entry, and a regulatory system not restrained by an overbearing bureaucracy. The million-dollar question in the drone industry is, “When will the skies open up?” The good news? In Switzerland, the skies are already open. And, unlike the U.S., flying beyond line of sight is allowed within regulatory requirements that ensure safety for people on the ground. For U.S. companies looking to expand or expedite their UAV and UAS product development, research, and testing – Switzerland offers unparalleled opportunities in a thriving environment of innovation with limited tolerance for red tape and bureaucracy. Download the report now to learn more!