2021 Edition: 5 THINGS TO KNOW About How Drones are Being Used in Public Safety & Emergency Services Across Europe

Similar to the ways in which drone technology has created significant efficiencies for commercial endeavors across Europe, the use of drones for public safety, law enforcement and search & rescue has helped to greatly improve response time in emergency situations. While concerns about privacy have plagued their usage in this realm, drones present some powerful advantages in terms of keeping people safe and responding to disastrous situations in new and better ways, including as a tool in the fight against COVID-19. 

In this report, we examine some real-world examples of drone technology in the public safety domain and the companies that developed them.

Specific topics include:

  • Supporting fire and natural disaster response
  • Making a difference in search and rescue efforts
  • Boosting communications in emergency situations
  • Tackling toxic crime scenes
  • Partnering with the European Emergency Number Association

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