2021 Edition: 5 THINGS TO KNOW About How Drones are Being Used for Civil Infrastructure Inspections Across Europe

Performing inspections and maintenance tasks on critical civil infrastructure like bridges and roads are essential. Doing so helps ensure the safety of the potentially millions of people that utilize these means of travel. COVID-19 is a new factor in the logistics of how and when maintenance and inspections are being performed, but as more and more officials across Europe are adding drones to their toolset, they’re finding that they can get more information, more data, and more options around how to best manage and maintain civil infrastructure. This report investigates the companies, processes and technologies that are moving this critical safety work forward, while navigating delayed regulations due to COVID-19.

Read the report to learn how drones are being used to:

  • Reduce costs and increase safety while repairing infrastructure
  • Map roads and measure inventory
  • Track and monitor the safety of rail workers
  • Inspect solar panels

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