2021 Edition: 5 THINGS TO KNOW About How Drones are Being Used in Agriculture Across Europe

Farmers in Europe are using drone technology in a variety of ways. While drones are making a real difference for growers in the present, many believe the adoption of AI-driven technology will be quickened by COVID-19 and will consequently open incredible opportunities for the future.

This new report from Commercial UAV News explores these applications including drone use for:

  • Finding weeds and planting trees
  • Dispensing beneficial organisms to fields
  • Monitoring invasive species
  • "Eating" insects

Whether you are interested in the companies bringing this useful technology to market, or in the particular challenges that these technologies are addressing, this report will offer you useful industry insights and define how these advances are being used to make a real difference for growers in the present to create a less wasteful and more cost-effective post-COVID-19 future.

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