5 Things to Know About How Drones are Being Used for Surveying & Mapping in North America

Surveyors across North America have adopted drone technology because it’s been proven to make a variety of tasks and entire projects faster, cheaper and/or safer. These efficiencies have been measured in various ways using multiple metrics, but the difference the technology has proven to represent goes beyond the bottom line. Drones have changed expectations for surveyors working on projects of all types, and those changes are set to further evolve in 2019 and beyond to the benefit of everyone.

This new report by Commercial UAV News highlights the most impactful and innovative companies and recent use-cases for drones in the surveying & mapping space.

Among the topics it covers are:

  • Thinking beyond “Photogrammetry vs LIDAR”
  • The DOI’s Powerful Model Around Drone Adoption
  • Utilizing Drones to Enable 400% Cost Reductions
  • DJI Drones Enabling High Accuracy Mapping
  • Taking UAS Mapping to the Limit

Download the full report and learn the details on these important business uses for this varied and dynamic technology.

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