5 Things to Know About How Drones are Being Used in Mining & Aggregates in North America

Drones have augmented the abilities of professionals in various industries, but nowhere have those impacts been seen or felt like they have for mining and aggregate supplier companies.

Using a drone means that someone now doesn’t have to literally climb a stockpile to get a measurement of it. It means those same people no longer have to expose themselves to unstable terrain and share the operating area with heavy machinery.

This report details the methods and firms who are engaging in this ground-breaking work.

Among the topics it covers are:

  • How drones can help companies more efficiently take inventory of their aggregate stocks
  • The use of third-party drone systems for reporting to clients on the volume of completed work
  • Dramatically increased safety and efficiency for on-site workers
  • Improved accuracy and greater frequency of survey functions after adopting drones

Download the full report and learn how drones are making a huge impact on the mining and aggregate industries in North America.

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