5 Things to Know About How Drones are Being Used for Civil Infrastructure Inspections in North America

A recent study concluded that more than 54,000 bridges in the United States are in need of repair. Not long ago, the total United States rail network was determined to consist of approximately 137,000 route miles, while there are approximately 4,071,000 miles of roads in the U.S., all of which are in different conditions that require different levels of maintenance and upkeep. These are just a few of the numbers that demonstrate the enormity of work that private and public agencies have to deal with when it comes to the upkeep and inspection of critical infrastructure throughout the country.

This report covers the ways in which drones are being used to perform this critical work.

Among the topics it covers are:

  • How DOT’s are using drones to improve safety and efficiency
  • The National Transportation Safety Board’s success with drone technology
  • The automated analysis of drone data and its future
  • Union Pacific’s use of drone imagery
  • Pavement inspections and highway mapping with drones

Download the full report and learn how drones are making a huge impact on civil infrastructure inspections.

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