5 Things to Know About How Drones are Being Used in Energy & Utilities in North America

Energy companies need to perform tasks related to the inspection of thousands of miles of pipelines as well as the monitoring and maintenance of transmission lines that can run through multiple ecosystems and jurisdictions. Challenges with managing utility infrastructure of this scale means that the ability to automate inspection tasks and gather information in faster and safer ways will create incredible efficiencies. That’s why the energy sector as a whole is quickly adopting drones.

This report covers the ways in which drones are being used to perform this critical work.

  • How some companies decide whether to outsource drone programs or build them in-house
  • The ways drones can positively change expectations about what inspections should include
  • The importance of data management policies when using drones for inspections 
  • Advances in automation for piloting drones, conducting inspections and reporting on subsequent findings 
  • The future of inspections and the potential economic impact of easing BVLOS regulations

Download the full report and learn how drones are making a huge impact on the Energy and Utilities Sectors in North America.

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