5 Things to Know About How Drones are Being Used in Construction in North America

In the construction industry, where jobs are fraught with cost overruns, missed deadlines, untended RFPs and more, drone consultants’ services are in high demand.

Construction projects are bedeviled by many factors that can drive up costs, impact worker safety and spawn lawsuits between stakeholders. Drones have made definable differences in this space, since they decrease the need for lengthy visual inspections, reduce planning time, and identify problems by spotting anomalies.

This report covers the ways in which drones are being used to streamline the construction management process.

Among the topics it covers are:

  • How technology is being applied in the construction industry, right now
  • Taking the first step in developing your drone adoption plan
  • Outsourcing, implementing your own program, or both?
  • What it means to digitize

Download the full report and learn how drones are making a huge impact on the Construction Sector in North America.

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