7 Things to Know About How Drones are Being Utilized Across Latin and South America

Over the past 12 months, we have seen an increase in the number of success stories around companies adopting and launching profitable business models around uncrewed aviation. Even though the adoption of commercial drones seems to be happening simultaneously all over the world, Latin America in particular is having an incredible number of specific cases that demonstrate that making money with uncrewed aviation is not a prospect for the future but a reality today. This report details what those realities look like in the following sectors:

  • GIS and LiDAR Mapping
  • Pilot Training
  • Drone Manufacturing
  • Drone Delivery
  • Drones in Telecommunications
  • and more

Download the full report to discover numerous drone applications and models that are being successfully deployed across the region, defining where the technology and market are headed in 2023 and beyond.