5 Things to Know About How Drones are Being Used for Forestry and Agriculture in North America

Not long ago, the technology most farmers utilized was associated with soil maps and satellite images that would give growers an overview of their fields’ status, even though it could take days or even weeks to collect and process the required data to take action. While many are still utilizing this approach, drone technology has enabled a more efficient way of doing so by delivering instantly accessible, actionable data to allow farmers to make immediate decisions.

This report details a few of the ways the technology has proven to help growers of all types save time, money and resources.

Among the topics it covers are:

  • How drones can help map farmland and use infrared sensors to detect nitrogen deficiencies
  • The use of drones to help herd and manage livestock
  • Using drones in viticulture to diagnose virus outbreaks
  • Improved safety for farm workers with reduced exposure to pesticides

Download the full report and learn how drones are making a huge impact on the forestry and agriculture industries in North America.

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