FIXAR is a European software and autonomous aircraft design developer for industrial applications.

The company’s flagship model is FIXAR 007, which is a UAV dedicated to outdoor VLOS and BVLOS missions. The FIXAR 007 is a Fixed-Wing Vertical Take-off and Landing vehicle, or VTOL. Its hybrid design offers the convenience of a quadcopter but has the range and efficiency associated with a traditional winged design. It can take off and land anywhere, and no cumbersome launchers or capture devices are required.

In 2022, FIXAR announced long-range eVTOL FIXAR 025 with extended flight time and range. FIXAR 025 model has a payload capacity of 10 kg (22 lbs) and flight distance of 300 km (186 mi). The serial production of the FIXAR 025 model will begin by the end of 2022.